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Europe is, by convention, one of the world's seven continents. Comprising the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia, Europe is generally 'divided' from Asia to its east by the watershed divides of the Ural and Caucasus Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian and Black Seas, and the waterways connecting the Black and Aegean Seas. Here you can find physical map of Europe, political map of Europe, maps with other various geographical features, Europe road map, regions and countries. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the maps.
European words for "Sword".
A map that actually does show the cycle infrastructure
The area in blue has the same total wealth as the areas in red.
Favourite type of Alcoholic Drink in Europe
Map of future Europe, Russian map from 1914 showing Russian territorial aims in WW1.
Olive oils ranked among the World's best 50 in 2017-2018
Blue area has larger wealth than red area.
There are 36 countries within 1000km from this area near Prague, Czechia.
Intentional Homicides per 100,000 Inhabitants in 2016.
Napoleonic Europe - 1812 - Invasion of Russia.
Light eyes by country (last updated).
Map of Europe in 1914.
Napoleonic Europe - 1812
Most popular language studied on Duolingo in Europe
How much do Europeans spend on food.
Famous Leaders of Europe.
Europe, 1210.
The true size of Australia.
Famous Drinks of Europe.
These toponyms all derive from the same word.
Percentage of the population who believes in God in Europe, 2015-2017.
Europe 1813
Europe 1945 - 1949.
A map of Europe, but each country is a similarly sized non-European land mass.
New Zealand size relative to Europe.
Europe AD 1914.
Europe AD 330.
Europe AD 1650.
Based on measurements gathered by the Copernicus Sentinel-5P mission between April 2018 and March 2019, the image shows nitrogen...
The World’s Oldest Democracies
‘August’ in European languages.
Europe, 1000 AD.
Ottoman and Habsburg possessions in Europe, North Africa and Middle East 1538.
European beer consumption.
Largest trading partner of each European country
A map of the roads Dutch people use for their holidays. Every blue dot is one person using a traffic app.
Prostitution laws across Europe.
Temperature Records across Europe.
Unemployment rate in Europe
% of GDP in the agriculture sector in Europe
% of GDP in the industry sector in Europe
Comparison of mean January temperature among North America, Europe and East Asia
GDP PPP per capita in 2024.
What interests the European youth by country.
Average speed of trains in Europe.
Mostly Accurate map of traditional name order map across Europe, Asia and Northern Africa.
Female share of European STEM graduates.
Where U.S. Nuclear Bombs Are Stored in Europe.
The Return of the King: These European countries tried republic but returned to monarchy.
Freddy Heineken's 1992 proposal for a 'United States of Europe'.
Belief in God in North America and Europe.
UNESCO World Heritage Sites by country in Europe.
Old American made map of Europe from 1857 with general statistics listed (population, government and religion of countries,...
Nitrogen dioxide concentration at night over Europe.
Tallest buildings in European countries.
Number of skyscrapers under construction in Europe, July 2019.
Terror Attacks in Europe.
Map showing population of European countries 1789 on the eve of French Revolution.
The spread of the bubonic plague in Europe.
Branches of Turkic languages where they're a majority or where they're concentrated in Europe.