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Europe is, by convention, one of the world's seven continents. Comprising the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia, Europe is generally 'divided' from Asia to its east by the watershed divides of the Ural and Caucasus Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian and Black Seas, and the waterways connecting the Black and Aegean Seas. Here you can find physical map of Europe, political map of Europe, maps with other various geographical features, Europe road map, regions and countries. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the maps.
Adult movie stars per million inhabitants in Europe.
Language map of Europe.
Champions Hockey League season 2018/19 attendances. More stats: http://hockey.sigmagfx.com/compseason/chl/1819
Height of leaders by European Countries, 2019.
NFL teams mapped to similar distances over Europe.
Found this map of Europe showing for how long did the borders last. 1.more than 400 y. 2.from 300 to 400 y. 3.from 200 to 300...
Territories concerned by witchcraft trials in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries.
Cycle paths in Europe - Netherlands is somewhat dominating.
Europe vs North America Real GDP per Capita.
Europe 20 million years ago.
NATO vs. Russia: # of troops, tanks & warplanes.
Lowest temperature records in Europe, by country
Genetic similarity of a Bronze Age Anatolian to European peoples.
3x3x3 Rubik's Cube Record Single by European Country.
Percentage of people born in Ukraine in European countries.
Europe, 1743.
Terrestrial and marine protected areas (% of total territorial area)
Drainage basins of Europe.
European countries with more money than Russia. Global wealth report.
Distribution of archaeological cultures in Europe and Caucasus before and after 3000 BCE.
Changes in European birth rates 1991 - 2016.
LGBT laws across Europe and parts of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
Difference between current unemployment rate and record lowest in the European Economic Area.
If Argentina were a European country: The area of mainland Argentina compared to that of Western Europe.
Etymology of European country names in English.
The total number of comments in national subreddits of European countries during 24h per 1.000 subscribers.
Neo-Nazi and far-right organizations in Europe.
Forest cover of Europe.
Percentage of people who trust their own population.
High-Technology Export in Europe,
Prevalence of Y-DNA R1a vs R1b in Europe.
Fish production per capita. Includes both aquaculture and capture fisheries (2016). Source: the World Bank.
Snow and ice cover in Europe, Jan.23, 2019.
Vikings from Sweden and their genetic similarity to European populations.
Map of % of population in Europe that use Facebook.
European Elections 2019: projected largest European party by country.
Nominal corporate tax rate in Europe.
Map shows which European parties hold plurality / majority on the regional level for the upcoming European elections.
1923 map of medieval universities.
Indonesia is so wide that it can reach from Reykjavik, Iceland to Cairo, Egypt.
European countries populated more densely than China.
"Bless you" around Europe.
Changes in Human Development Index in Europe from 2007 to 2017.
Bloodiest War in Each European Country by Death Toll.
Pronunciation of the name of the letter O in European languages.
You thought Chile was long ? Meet Indonesia - The country which connects Reykjavik, Iceland to Cairo, Egypt.
Legality Of Corporal Punishment In Europe.
Pronunciation of the name of the letter U in European languages.
How many beers will minimum wage get you in Europe.
Human Development Index - Changes in European countries from 2017 to 2018.
Chile Is Long Enough To Stretch From Lisbon, Portugal To Moscow, Russia When Overlaid On Europe.
Parts of Europe that Muslim states have ruled for more than one hundred years, from 711 to today.
Pronunciation of the name of the letter E in European languages.
Average male height per European country.
The population of Europe visualized in 3D representation through this map.
Pronunciation of the name of the letter A in European languages.
Support for same-sex marriage in Europe.
Potato Production in Europe. ‚Äč
Tax burden comparison of European singles and married couples with children.
Names and meanings of the chess pieces in Europe.