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Europe is, by convention, one of the world's seven continents. Comprising the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia, Europe is generally 'divided' from Asia to its east by the watershed divides of the Ural and Caucasus Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian and Black Seas, and the waterways connecting the Black and Aegean Seas. Here you can find physical map of Europe, political map of Europe, maps with other various geographical features, Europe road map, regions and countries. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the maps.
Map showing mean annual wind speed across Europe.
European countries by largest foreign nationality, 2005-2010.
Europe after Congress of Vienna 1815.
Empire of Phillip II and height of Habsburg dynasty. Dark browns-global possessions of Phillip II (Spain), Light brown-European...
Share of total population having neither a bath, nor a shower in their dwelling - EU-SILC survey %.
Europe 1700.
Monarchies in Europe in 1924.
Elective Government in Europe c.1590.
Percentage of European 15-19 year olds who smoke cigarettes daily.
Nuclear weapons in Europe.
intensity of European witch hunts.
Time needed to earn 1€ with an average net wage.
Europe 1763
Military spending of European great powers before World War 1.
Regions in Europe with GDP per capita lower than East Germany.
GDP per capita of Europe 1913.
NO2 levels over Europe April-September 2018, measured by TROPOMI.
Debt to GDP Ratio in Europe.
European Countries by Total Military Personnel According to GlobalFirePower.com.
Press freedom in 2018
USA & Canada overlaid on Europe at the same latitudes.
Share of adult Europeans with tertiary education by region and country.
Vaccinations in Europe.
Cities where the oldest printing offices in Europe were located (red, before 1480 - green, between 1480 and 1500)
Median age of women at childbirth.
Football fields in Europe.
Europe 1815.
Average monthly net salary in euros.
We asked respondents across the European continent whether they agree with the statement, “Our people are not perfect, but our...
Public sector corruption index
Religious services attendance in Europe.
Percent GDP growth between 2010 and 2017.
Median age in Europe.
"Woman" etymology map in European languages.
Prefixes/suffixes of the official names of European countries.
GDP per capita with purchasing power parity in current $ for Europe in 2018
Bulgarian diaspora in Europe.
Percentage of respondents who said they can't afford one week of holiday away from home, annually, 2017.
Major railways in Europe
All cities outside of Italy founded by the Romans.
Origins of football expatriates who play for European professional teams.
Surrname Smith in different European Languages.
Europe's natural gas/oil deposits.
When you write ''(Nation's name) are...'' or just ''(Nation's name)...'' in Serbian Google, you get this.
This map by AWSTruepower shows the wind speeds over Europe at a height of 80m, where they could potentially be harnessed for...
Countries of Europe by Date of Abolition of Monarchy.
The biggest supermarket chain in each European country.
Countries of Europe by Date of Abolition of Monarchy.
Map of all European club champions.
Europe About A.D. 1000
Reserves of foreign exchange and gold in Europe by country.
Europe in magnets French chicken nugget vendor offer two magnets by box - each magnet is a region of Europe, illustrated with a...
State/Official Religion through the Centuries.
Europe population density, absolute amount.
Diplomatic recognition of Kosovo in Europe.
Moroccan Diaspora in Europe.
Expected population change in European countries between 2017 to 2050.
European cities whose clubs won Champions League and/or Europa League.
K36 Genetic Similarity of Modern Populations to Viking Samples from Sigtuna, Sweden. ​
Number of universities ranked in the top 500 in the world in 2019.